Gay Media and Media Coverage in the History of the LGBT Community in Wisconsin

Print Media; Newspapers, Magazines, BarRags, etc.

Visitors as well as "locals" often learn where to find like-minded people (whether at gay-friendly bars, restaurants, bath houses, or "AYOR" areas) via Gay Travel Guides. Best known of these are the Bob Damron and Spartacus Guides (widely distributed nationally and internationally), but there were others as well. We present here a chronology of national as well as some early local Guides targeted to the (primarily) gay community, some prior to or supplementing publication of local LGBT Periodicals.

Unfortunately, after the demise of Quest magazine in 2019, there has been no publication listing LGBT bars and other establishments in Wisconsin.

Below is an alphabetical list of the Periodicals known to have been published in or primarily for the Wisconsin LGBT community. Go to each link to view more detailed information on that periodical. Click Here to browse periodicals by Print Media Timeline. Publications can also be accessed from the main Wis. LGBT Timeline.

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