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STEAM magazine

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  Spring 1993
Mid-Late 1995?

Risky sex, Male

Based in:

Cazenovia, Wis.


7"w x 8.5"h, magazine


4 times per year


Cover Galleries:
        Volumes 1 thru 3 (1993-1995)

As stated in the first issue of STEAM magazine: "STEAM is a quarterly magazine intended for gay and bisexual men with an interest in public and semi-public sex. Our purpose is to provide a sex-positive forum for subjects considered taboo by other mags. We are aware that many activities mentioned in these pages are illegal in many parts of the world, and we do not advocate unlawful activity. All information printed in STEAM should be treated a information only, and not as an endorsement."

In an advertisement in Volume 2- No. 1., they further state the publication was "all about sex- all kinds of sex, but especially public, publicly-disapproved, exciting sex". Articles often featured rest room, park, and other risky sexual behaviors.

The publisher and editor of STEAM was Scott O'Hara, and was based in Cazenovia, Wisconsin (a small town about 50 miles northwest of Madison). Printing and distribution were handled out of San Francisco, and a one-year subscription (4 issues) cost $17.

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Volume 1- Number 1: Spring 1993
Volume 1- Number 1: Spring 1993

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