The Timeline concept is an attempt to form relationships between when events, organizations, people, etc. occurred in time.

Our most complete attempt to assemble an LGBTQ activism Timeline for Wisconsin is a work in progress. It will never be truly complete, as many details of events can only be covered adequately in detail, and the major part of this website IS a timeline of that comprehensive history.

However that best-to-date Wisconsin LGBTQ TImeline can be accessed by clicking Here..

The History Project's exhibit at PrideFest 2005 featured the first Interactive Timeline, which was a smash hit. Printed on paper and posted at PrideFest on panels, over 3,000 people viewed the Timeline and other displays in the History Exhibit area, many writing in additions or sharing their own personal experiences in given years. (Click this link to view that exhibit.)

The Interactive Timeline was repeated at PrideFest 2006 (see photos above), and over the two days of the exhibit between 5,000 and 6,000 people viewed the Timeline, many again stopping to make personal notations and some returning later with friends they also wanted to see the Timeline. The Timeline was updated and re-printed in 2011 and that timeline was displayed several years afterward.

Due to the number of panels and the space needed, the TImeline has not been displayed at PrideFest for the past several years. In its place, we have developed a more extensive Timeline on this web site. It is being updated regularly but input and suggested changes are alwaays welcome.

Wisconsin LGBTQ TImeline.