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November 19, 2009
September, 2018

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Milwaukee, Wis.


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        Volume 1 (Nov. 2009-Nov. 2010)
        Volume 2 (Nov. 2010-Nov. 2011)
        Volume 3 (Nov. 2011-Nov. 2012)
        Volume 4 (Nov. 2012-Nov. 2013)
        Volume 5 (Nov. 2013-Nov. 2014)
        Volume 6 (Nov. 2014-Nov. 2015)
        Volume 7 (Nov. 2015-Nov. 2016)
        Volume 8 (Nov. 2016-Nov. 2017)
        Volume 9 (Nov. 2017-Sept. 2018)

The first issue of Wisconsin Gazette, "The Voice of Progress for Wisconsin's LGBT Community", appeared on November 19, 2009, with Publisher/ Editor in Chief Louis Weisberg and CEO/ Principal Leonard Sobczak. According to its web site, Wisconsin Gazette was founded "To inform, engage and empower Wisconsinís LGBT community by providing a professional, independent print and online source for news and commentary, as well as coverage of political and cultural issues."

The publication was greeted by Mark Mariucci, the editor and publisher of Quest magazine, in his "Publishers Letter" late in 2009 as follows:

    Publisherís Letter: Quest Welcomes Wisconsin Gazette
    By Mark Mariucci

    This past week at the same time we learned DCís Washington Blade folded along with several "Southern" publications and others owned by Windows Media, Wisconsin got a fourth LGBT publication know as Wisconsin Gazette.

    The first issue looks great and it is an important development for Wisconsin's LGBT community because the more choices offered, the more informed the community becomes. Wisconsin Gazette joins Quest and Outbound both published by myself and also the excellent Our Lives which hails from Madison. ...

    ...Quest and Outbound are a labor of love and you can obviously see I think we do a great job with our two papers. That doesn't mean we can provide everything for everyone and make them all happy. Wisconsin is fortunate to have another choice in the Wisconsin Gazette. I hope people will support and nurture all the Wisconsin LGBT media and be thankful we have them.

During its run, Wisconsin Gazette appeared regularly, and was always a high quality publication with comprehensive coverage of news in Milwaukee, throughout Wisconsin, and beyond. In addition to distribution in LGBT bars and other LGBT businesses, most larger grocery stores, libraries and other businesses also had issues free for the taking- thus, Wisconsin Gazette was in many respects a mainstream newspaper. Similarly, its website offered up the same content, hosting a PDF archive of every issue of the publication, and was a source for even more current news.

The newspaper stopped publishing in September 2018. The Publisher and Editor in Chief has granted this web site permission to reproduce the cover images as well as PDF's of full issues for research purposes on this site. (Copyright rights are not waived for any other purpose.)


First Issue: Volume 1, No. 1
November 19, 2009

Volume 1, No. 17
July 1, 2010

Volume 8, No. 18
July 13, 2017

Volume 9, No. 22
September, 2018

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