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Uptown, Downtown

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November 12, 1993
March 10, 1994

News (male and female)

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Milwaukee, Wis.


8.5"w x 11"h, magazine




Uptown, Downtown was "A Community Based Alternative Lifestyle Publication". Published by Dear Myrna Productions, it contained news, letters to the editor, advice column, shoppers mall, directory, and a wide range of lighter articles.

Started as a bi-weekly (every other week) publication, with Issue No. 5 (January 6, 1994), the publication changed to monthly due to "lack of support of the gay/ lesbian community": very little paid advertising was being purchased. The last known issue was No. 7 (March 10, 1994).

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Issue No. 1
November 12, 1993
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Issue No. 2
November 24, 1993
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Issue No. 3
December 10, 1993
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Issue No. 4
December 23, 1993
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Issue No. 5
January 6, 1994
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Issue No. 6
February 10, 1994
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Issue No. 7
March 10, 1994
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