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Our Horizons

First Issue:
Last Issue:

approx. September 7, 1981
likely late October 1981

News (male and female)


8.5"w x 11"h, magazine


Twice per month/ 24 times per year


In May 1981, a succession of small LGBT news magazines, nicknamed "bar rags", ceased publishing when the last issue of "Gay Milwaukee" was issued. Our Horizons was meant to fill that gap in coverage of LGBT businesses and organizations.

An early issue was labeled "Wisconsin's Only Gay/Lesbian Newsmagazine", and featured a glossy cover page and staple-bound format, although with less expensive newsprint paper inside. It was published by Shalom Enterprises, editor Ralph Navarro (a pioneer in many aspects of Milwaukee's gay community).

Early issues included articles on gay medicine; a discussion of the so-called 'Moral Majority' and local gay business owners; Money Talk; and the arts: a wide range of topics and articles, plus many box and display ads, a calendar, classifieds, and directories of both local businesses and 30 community organizations (until then not widely listed in other publications).

We have thus far located only 3 of 4 known issues; it is unknown if an issue 5 was ever published, as even in issue 2 the editor was lamenting the lack of advertising and sales income.

The demise of this short-lived publication again left Wisconsin (and especially Milwaukee) without an LGBT focused periodical. Fortunately, a new publication arose in November 1981, when the old "Gay Milwaukee" was resurrected as "Escape" magazine.

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Volume 1- Number 2, September 1981
Notice on page 6 of issue 2.


Volume 1- Number 2; September 24, 1981
Volume 1- Number 2
September 22, 1981
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Volume 1- Number 3
Volume 1- Number 3
(approx. October 7), 1981
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Volume 1- Number 4; October 22, 1981
Volume 1- Number 4
October 22, 1981
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