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  Drag Performers, Divas, and Kings

This page lists many of the known Drag Performers and Divas in the state of Wisconsin. This list is not comprehensive, and any additional submissions are welcomed. We include here both men dressing up as drag performers, as well as men performing as "Kings" or for various "Mister" contests; typically none of these use their real first and last name, but go by some sort of stage name, which is the name used on this and the Pageant/ Title Holder pages.

  • List of "Miss" Pageants and Title Holders
  • List of "Mr." Pageants and Title Holders
  • Leather Title Holders page

    Note: Link from FIRST STAGE NAME is to this site's page for that performer. Link from LAST STAGE NAME is to that performer's page on an outside site. (Those links going to other web sites were correct as of the time of initial inclusion. We apologize if the linked sites or pages are no longer available or accurate.)

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    Stage Name
    Stage Name
    City/ Area Approx
    Drag Alexis St. James Green Bay 2003
    Drag Alexis Winter Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Allanah Powers Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Amanda Love Kenosha 2003
    Drag April May Milwaukee
    Drag B.J. Daniels Milwaukee 1985- Bjorn Nassett
    Drag Baby Jane Hudson Milwaukee 1980-
    Drag BeeBee Fox Wausau 2003
    Drag Billie Blaze Milwaukee 2003
    Drag BJ Daniels Milwaukee
    King Bob Milwaukee 2003
    King Bobby Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Bonnie Bitch Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Bouji Milwaukee 1980s-1990s
    Drag Brandi Wyne Kenosha 2003
    Drag Britney Morgan Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Busty St. Clair Appleton 2003
    Drag CC Domino Green Bay 2003
    Drag Candi Stratton Milwaukee
    Drag Cass Marie Domino Madison 2003
    Drag Cassie Meyers Kenosha 2003
    Drag Chantal Kenosha 2000- Dragtas+
    King Chris Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Christina Chase Milwaukee 2003
    King Cody Baron Milwaukee 2003
    King Corey Milwaukee 2003
    King Dan E. Dance Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Dawn Michaels Milwaukee 2003
    Drag DeeDee Winters Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Denise Blu Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Desiree Mathews Madison 2003
    Drag Destiny Mathews Madison 2003
    Drag Diamond Girl Madison 2003
    Drag Dixie Diamonds Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Dominique Mahon Milwaukee 2003
    Drag DuWanna Moore Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Elsie Bovine Green Bay 2003
    Drag Emir Illuzion Green Bay 2003
    King Garrison Fraser Milwaukee 2003
    Drag GiGi Lexus Green Bay 2003
    Drag Ginger Spice Milwaukee 1980-90 Richard Wyatt; Died 1991
    Drag Holly Brown Milwaukee 1986-1990 Died 1991
    Drag Holly Hot Damn Green Bay 2003
    Drag Jackie Christine Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Jackie Roberts Milwaukee 1990-2017
    Drag Jarica Jordan Milwaukee 2003 from Dragtastic
    Drag Jazmine Roberts Kenosha 2003
    Drag Jennifer Alyce Green Bay 2003
    Drag Joey Black Milwaukee
    Drag Justine D'Zire Green Bay 2003
    Drag Karen Valentine Milwaukee (living) Michael Johnston
    Drag Katrina Roberts Appleton 2003
    Drag Kelli Jo Klein Green Bay 2003
    Drag Kelly Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Kitenah Kim Wausau 2003
    Drag Krystal Styles Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Kyllie Stevens Madison 2003
    Drag Kyllie West Milwaukee 1992-
    Drag Lana St. James Milwaukee 1967-2010
    Drag Layla DelRio Kenosha 1975-
    Drag Layonna Kootch Kenosha 2003
    Drag Lily D'Lite Kenosha 2003
    Drag Lily White Milwaukee 1992-
    Drag Loretta LaMour Green Bay 1995-2003
    Drag Lusinda Andrews Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Mandi McCall Milwaukee
    Drag Mary Richards Milwaukee
    Drag Miami Richards Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Miss M. Milwaukee 1977-1993
    Drag Monique Marquette Kenosha 2003
    Drag Natasha Marques Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Natasha Simms Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Nicole Milwaukee
    Drag Nova D'Vine Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Ophelia Junque Wausau 2003
    Drag Rachel Vanders Green Bay 2003
    Drag Rona 'Miss Rona' Milwaukee 1951-2023 Ron Thate
    Drag Rudi D'Angelo Milwaukee 1990-2014
    Drag Rudy Milwaukee
    Drag Salmonella Suzie Sasquatch Madison 2003
    Drag Samantha D'Carlo Kenosha 2003
    Drag Sasha Mitchell Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Savannah Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Shannon DuPree Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Sharon Bumps Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Symone Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Taylor Roberts Milwaukee 2004
    Drag Tempest Heat Milwaukee (living) Jonathan Carthell
    Drag Tiger Rose Milwaukee 1939-1989 Edward J. Schicker
    Drag Tina Renea Milwaukee 2003
    Drag Tippi Green Bay 2003
    Drag Tracy Michaels Milwaukee 1994-
    Drag Trinity Scott Mathews Madison 2003
    Drag Tuna Milwaukee
    Drag Vanessa Milwaukee
    Drag Venus Love Green Bay 2003
    Drag Wilma Fingerdoo Milwaukee 1990- Bill of Fluid

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