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Edward Joseph Schicker, Jr.
a.k.a. Tiger Rose



May 4, 1939
March 20, 1989
Primary Involvements:

Drag personality

Primary Location:

Milwaukee, WI



Edward Joseph Schicker, Jr. was best known as drag performer "Tiger Rose". His life is described in the In Memoriam column of In Step magazine by his friend 'Ned':

    The first time I saw Miss Schicker (aka Tiger, Eddie, "Jr.' and Miss One) I knew this was no "ordinary person"- by any means. He would have a very big influence on me, and many, many others in the city of Milwaukee. Plus, I think the city itself saw female impersonation in a positive light, due in part to Eddie and others like him elevating "Halloween' to places like the 'performing Arts Center, Center Stage and Mark Plaza. He stressed the 'realistic' rather than the Fake Drag Queen approach.

    His career would span from the 1960's right up into 1989. He was a pioneer in "live performance" in the Milwaukee clubs, singing his "Rose of Washington Square" or some country tunes he loved to sing. He helped many, many people for no reason other than they needed help, and knew enough to ask for it. He also was very proud about being gay, and with his mom's support helped us by building the foundation we have today within our community.

    From the first stage he helped build at the Factory (complete with red velvet curtains, swag drapes, spotlights) to the likes of Mother Chris, Mel and Jerry Powell. Mama Rae, P T. Vapors (Miss Finlandia), Kenetia. Micki Chanel, Vicki Renae, Winnie Storm, Dutchess. Sandy Alexander. Riki, Jamie, Jimmi Kimball, Kelly Michels, Dionne, plus all the contestants-- a three hour show (ALWAYS LATE-- another Schicker tradition!)-- to his helpful guidance to a future Miss Milwaukee; Eddie was a friend, a real person, who did make a difference in the quality of life for all of us here in Milwaukee.

    Take a minute to reflect on those friends who do so much for us all before they are taken abruptly away-- as was Eddie (Tiger Rose). A true friend-- whom I will miss for the rest of my life, and will thank my lucky stars for the opportunity to have known him and been a friend to him.



In Memoriam
(In Step vol. 6-06, March 1989)

Photo in a show (in center with microphone)
(date unknown)

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