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Baby Jane Hudson

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Years performing:

(unknown) - 2020 ?

Birth Name:


Henry Kokemueller




Baby Jane Hudson has been one of Milwaukee's most versatile and in-demand entertainers for some 40 years. Performing at drag shows and many other entertainment venues, Baby Jane's talents include such popular acts as Lucy's (Lucille Ball's) "Vega-Meata-Vitamin" routine and other routines, as well as acting as emcee and guest at numerous shows and events. For many years she held a Birthday Show with performances by herself as well as other popular performers, many of which are videotaped

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    Birthday Show invitation, 1991
    (from Jerry Johnson Collection)
    Baby Jane performing
    (photo courtesy Jamie Taylor)
    Baby Jane performing
    (photo courtesy Jamie Taylor)
    Baby Jane (left) with ??
    (photo courtesy Jamie Taylor)

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