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Michael D. Roberts


June 12, 1952
November 26, 1993
Primary Involvements:

Drag Performer,
Business (restaurant) owner
AIDS fundraiser





The late 1970's and the decade of the 80's saw Michael D. Roberts, in the character of Miss M, host numerous shows at the Ballgame, including many holiday shows, and (in the later years) "Celebrity Roast for AIDS". Up until 1993, Miss M. hosted the special "Stars" show segment of the annual MAPFest celebration. He also hosted annual MAP fundraisers titled "Stars for AIDS". He sponsored, and performed in, too many other benefit shows to list here. In the character of Miss M., Michael's last public performance was in March 1993 at 3B's bar.

Michael's purchase, remodeling and running of his Miss M's Walker's Point Cafe, the after-hours cafe on South 1st Street, became his life; it was sold during his last year due to his declining health.

Michael died on November 26, 1993 from AIDS-related complications including cryptosporidiosis, leaving behind 19-year partner Michael Schmid.


In Memorium, December 1993 In Step

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