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Natasha Simms



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From DairylandDrag website, circa 2004:

Natasha Simms - Now here's an interesting study! Originally from the Dairyland state...then off to Texas and back to Wisconsin! Natasha doesn't do the pageant circuit on stage - she prefers of late to either stand on the sidelines or be an incredible help behind the stage. Not many can compare when it comes to make-up, talent ideas and the phenomenal hair that she's been known to toss up as quick as a Chef and Cobb Salad.

Natasha has been a much sought after source for many a gal who is entering pageants or just wants to look their best. Rumor has it in the not too distant future she'll be returning to the stage to try her hand at a competition or two. Watch out, Dairyland - there could me a new mug on the horizon!

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