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Kyllie West






From DairylandDrag website, circa 2004:

Kyllie started performing in 1991 and has been a regular cast member at Club 219 for many years. Recently she was asked to take over the position of show director which she did on a temporary basis, departing in October of 2003.

Kyllie made quite an impact at Club 219 but now focuses her energies on her growing internet business "Drag Depot" as well as supporting and encouraging other performers in the Southeast Wisconsin Area. A wonderful performer and a shrewd business-woman!

Kyllie is known for her unique talent of clogging (often confused with tap dancing, clogging originated in the hills of Appalachia) which has awarded her many pageant titles. She has also performed in Acapulco. An international star? Perhaps.

Kyllie is currently co-owner of the internet's newest shopping extravaganza for the "people of drag" community - www.dragdepot.com. This keeps her busy and prevents her from entering as many pageants as her supporters would like. She's always said, though - "I'm not entering unless I'm ready and planning on winning!". Long admired for her trust and integrity, she has served as a role model for numerous promoters and pageant participants. Frequently sought after for being a judge at various competitions, she approaches this with the same integrity as everything else. "If you spend the time and the money to get up on that stage then you need to be taken seriously". Milwaukee loves Kyllie West!

Wisconsin USofA Preliminary Titles Held:
Miss Racine - 1992
Miss Fox Valley - 1993
Miss Appleton - 1994
Miss Kenosha - 1995
Miss Emerald City - 1996
Miss Cosmopolitan - 1997
Miss Green Bay - 1999

USofA State and Regional Titles Held:
Miss Great Lakes - 1995

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