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The following images indicate the historical panels developed either by the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project, or by its predecessor, the Milwaukee LGBT History Project. A few of these panels may be 'in stock' but most would need to be printed should they be needed for a display.

Note that these informational panels are the Intellectual Property of the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project, Inc. in perpetuity. Any use of their content, or any content on this website, may be used for non-commercial purposes but must acknowledge its source. Contact the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project (wisLGBThistory.com) to apply for event use or to offer sponsorship.

Black Nite Brawl (August 6, 1961)
and the Black Nite bar (1961)
(v2023; New format)
Juneau Park: "The Park is Hot"
The Gay History of Milwaukee's
Juneau Park (1950's-1980's)
(v2019; old format)
M & M Club & Restaurant (1976-2016)
& owner Bob Schmidt
(v2016; old format)
Mint Bar (1949-1992)
Sometimes called
"Milwaukee's original gay bar"
(2 locations)
(v2020; old format)

Nite Beat (1959-1968)
aka Stan's Nite Beat
(2 locations)
(Lesbian Visibility Week 2024)
(v2024; New format)
Pink Glove (1958)
(v2019; old format)
Royal Hotel (1926-1973)
(aka Buckskin Inn)
Home to multiple popular gay bars
in early 1970's
(v2020; old format)
Seaway Inn bar (1959-1971)
(v2019; old format)

St. Charles Hotel (1860-1932)
Documented as a hangout for
'pansy boys' as early as 1920s
(v2019; old format)
This Is It bar (1968-present)
& owner Joe Brehm
(v2016; old format)

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