History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 22 -- December 8-21, 1988
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Masthead & Cover Story
(Page 2)
InStep's next issue notice
(Page 3)
Trail set for Madison officer
(Page 14)
Group Notes: BWMT Holiday Party; Friends Group
(Page 15)
Group Notes, continued
(Page 16)
InStep memo: Action Required
(Page 17)
Photos: Wreck Room's Mr. Buns contest
(Page 20)
Ad: YP/ Your Place bar
(Page 21)
In Memorium: Gary Dalton
(Page 22)
The Arts
(Page 23)
Photos: Triangle's tan line contest: winner Dino, runners up David and R.U. Bob.
(Page 28)
Ad, Triangle bar: Christmas
(Page 29)
Steppin' Out
Photo: Napalese Lounge staffers, incl. manager Ray in left rear
(Page 30)
Advertisement: Rod's Bar, Madison: Christmas
(Page 31)
Steppin' Out, continued
Photos: George (owner of La Cage/ Dance Dance Dance) celebrated his birthday with an "Is there life after 40" party
(Page 32)
Steppin' Out, continued
(Page 33)
Photos: Our Place reopened the bar with a party weekend and show
(Page 34)
Ad: Our Place bar
(Page 35)
(Page 36)
Ad: Ballgame Christmas Party
(Page 37)
Calendar, continued
(Page 38)
Photos: Jasmine and Dominique won Club 219's Lip Sync finals; runner up Bouji
(Page 39)
Photos: Napalese Lounge hosts Grant Dixon's "Victims of Desire"
(Page 46)
Photos: Your Place throws birthday bash for Suzi Arnold
(Page 47)
Jock Shorts: HIT X (Holiday Invitational Tournament #10) Largest Ever
(Page 48)
Ad: Happy Holidays from the staff of Your Place bar
(Page 49)
Photo spread: HIT X Tournament
(Pages 50-51)
Bowling and Volleyball Standings
(Page 52)
Photos: top three finishers in HIT Competition
(Page 53)



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