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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 21 -- November 24- December 7, 1988
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'Gay Side' cartoonist Tom Rezza created a special piece of art in commemoration of HIT/ Holiday Invitational Tournament's 10th year

Masthead & Cover Story: the same artist, Tom Rezza, also created the HIT covers for the 1984 and 1985 issues
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InStep welcomes bowlers and congratulates HIT X
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Group Notes: CCBA Food Drive
Photo: MASN (Madison AIDS Support Network) representatives backstage during recent fundraising show that raised $9,000
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Group Notes, cont: New Hope MCC reports new growth; Galano Club
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Group Notes, cont:
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In Memorium: Mac Helmick
+ Ad: Boot Camp Saloon
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Ad: WR/ Wreck Room bar: Thanksgiving
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The Arts: Fest City Christmas concert
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Ad: Cloud 9 at Clavis Theatre
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The Arts, continued: Cream City Chorus, Winter Song concert
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Ad: Cream City Chorus, Winter Song concert
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Photos: Newly crowned Mr. and Miss Gay Wisconsin: Carl Cliver and Ginger Spice; contestants Mary Richards and Christopher; Tania Michaels and Peter; Charlotte Lorraine and John
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Photos: Mr. and Miss Gay Wisconsin contest
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Ad: Triangle congratulates Carl, Mr. Triangle 88-89, and Mr. Gay Wisconsin 88-89
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Steppin' Out
(Page 30)
Dance Dance Dance bar welcomes HIT bowlers
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Steppin' Out, cont. +
Photo: Your Place's Rocky Horror contest
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Steppin' Out, cont. + Pageant news
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Calendar + Ad: Napalese Lounge, Green Bay
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Ad: Ballganme, Thanksgiving feast, and Mr. Gay Wisconsin Carl
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Calendar, continued
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Ad: The Pivot to host The Weather Girls in Concert on Sunday December 4th
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Photos: Hot Buns contest
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Calendar, continued
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A Woman's View
(Page 42)
Another View: "If Dykes had Beauty Contests"
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+ Ad: The New Leaf
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Ad: Cheri's Back East
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Jock Shorts: a HIT History, the history of the Holiday Invitational Tournament of bowling
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Ad: HIT X Committee thanks Milwaukee for its support
(Page 47)
HIT Schedule of Events
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Ad: Jet's Place bar
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HIT continued + Ad: Club 94 bar
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Ad: C'est La Vie bar 14th anniversary weekend
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