History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 23 -- December 22, 1988- January 18, 1989
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Masthead & Cover Story
(Page 2)
InStep next issue notice
(Page 3)
News Briefs:
(Page 4)
New Briefs, continued
(Page 5)
Group Notes: Changes for Milwaukee Dignity;
(Page 10)
Ad: WR/ Wreck Room
(Page 11)
Photo: Your Place's Christmas tree to benefit Cream City Foundation. (Pictured are CCF President Don Schwamb (foreground), Chuck Brotz (striped sweater), and others)
(Page 12)
"You Can Help"
(Page 13)
Champagne Reception; Pride Committee Plans
(Page 14)
InStep "important memo/ action required"
(Page 15)
, continued
(Page 16)
(Page 17)
, continued
(Page 18)
(Page 19)


, continued
(Page 22)
Photos: Miss Chubby Wisconsin pageant: hostess Ginger Spice, newly crowned Goldi Adams, runner up Bouji, Ginger Grant
(Page 23)
The Arts:
(Page 24)
Photos: Fest City Singers' "Fest City Christmas" Holiday Concert at South Shore Park Pavilion
(Page 25)
Photos: Cream City Chorus "Winter Song" Holiday Concert at downtown library's Centennial Hall
(Page 28)
Ad: M&M Club and Restaurant
(Page 29)
Steppin' Out
(Page 32)
Steppin' Out, continued
(Page 33)
Photos: The Weather Girls at the Pivot Bar in Appleton
(Page 34)
(Page 35)
Calendar, continued
(Page 36)
Ad; BallGame
(Page 37)
Darla's View
(Page 42)
Darla's View, continued
+ Photo: Fannie's annual holiday party (owner Sharon in center)
(Page 43)
Photos: Womyn's Holiday Arts and Crafts Affair
(Page 44)
Juicy Bits:
(Page 45)
Jock Shorts:
(Page 56)
Ad: YP Flaming O's Roundup
(Page 57)
Scores and Standings
+Ad: Cheri's Back East
(Page 58)
Calendar, continued
+Ad: The Alternative
(Page 59)
MAP may take on nursing home
(Page 62)
Ad: The New Leaf
(Page 63)
Photos: Jet's Place "Stocking Stuffer Scavenger Hunt"
(Page 64)
Classies/ classified ads
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