History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - Gay Milwaukee Magazine

Gay Milwaukee Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 4, Number 8 -- May 1, 1981
(First anniversary of ownership by Ultra Ink, Inc.)
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Advertisement for Wreck Room
(page 2)
About the Cover
(page 3)

Ad: Thinking of You on Broadway
(page 5)
Damski: Two Towns
(page 8)
Damski: Two Towns, cont.
(page 9)
Damski: Two Towns, cont.
(page 10)
Ad: Shadows Diplomat
(page 11)
Medically Speaking: Hepatitis B
(page 16)
Gay Identity
(page 17)
Photos: The Year in Sports in Milwaukee
(page 18)

GPU Update + PlayBall
+ Ad: Club Baths
(page 20)
Play Ball!
(page 21)
Beer Garden brunch to celebrate 10th anniversary
(page 22)
Ad: Sundays nightclub
(page 23)
GPU + Team Scores
(page 24)
Ad: Factory Loading Dock
(page 25)
Sports: Retro 1980s
(page 26)
Ad: Y.P./ Your Place
(page 27)
(page 28)
Photos: ECOM's 'Salute to Broadway' show at the BallGame
(page 30)
Gay Milwaukee: the first year in Cover images
(pages 32-33)
Sports Briefs +
Wreck Room and Silver Star Motorcycle club
(page 34)

Photos: 'Just a page of smiling faces'
(page 36)
Advertisement for Shadows- Diplomat restaurant
(page 37)
Entertainers photos
(page 38)
Advertisement for Bughaus- Chicago
(page 39)
Entertainers photos
(page 40)
Calendar +
Advertisement for Travis Clothing
(page 41)
Photos from Ball Game's ECOM show: "Salute to Broadway"
(page 42)
Advertisement for Douglas Dunes, Michigan
(page 43)
Leg's Diane Gregory
+ Calendar
(page 44)
Umpires for upcoming softball season confer
+ Calendar
(page 45)
Leon Wagner, bartender at 111 West (formerly known as Going My Way)
+ Calendar
(page 46)
Shadows show starring Legs, Ginger, & Dee
+ Calendar
(page 47)
Wet Jockey Shorts contest
+ Calendar
(page 48)
Ad: Lost & Found
(page 49)
Jim Seabooth at Phoenix
+ Calendar
(page 50)
Jimmy Wagner at the Factory
+ Calendar
(page 51)
111 West, Madison- Owners
(page 52)
Ad: Finale + Calendar
(page 53)

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