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Gay Milwaukee Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 4, Number 9 -- May 15, 1981
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Ad: Wreck Room Classic
(page 2)
Thinking of You on Broadway
(page 3)
(page 4)
Masthead + Cover info: winner of 1981 International Mr. Leather contest
(page 5)
Ad; The Factory bar
(page 10)
Ad: The Factory bar
(page 11)
Counter Sport column, by Don Eric
(page 12)
Ad: The Lost & Found bar
(page 13)
Counter Sport column, continued
(page 14)
Ad: Rod's bar, Madison
(page 15)
Medically Speaking column, by Roger Gremminger
(page 16)
Ad: Gay Chicago
(page 17)
At Random column, sports news by Tom Salszeider
(page 18)
Ad: Your Place
(page 19)
Photo: Dare to be Different, live bands at The Factory's Loading Dock on Sundays
(page 20)
Ad: TRASH, Milwaukee's new high energy bar
(page 21)
Photo: nbaseball cheerleaders, + SSBL game results
(page 22)
Ad: Sunday's bar
(page 23)
SSBL schedule for coming weeks +
Photo: Cabaret show on SUndays at Shadows/ Diplomat: Lenny Broberg
(page 24)
Ad: The Wreck Room
(page 25)
Calendar of Events +
Photo: Tod in a show at The Finale
(page 26)
Ad: Shadows- Diplomat
(page 27)
Calendar of Events
(page 28)
Calendar of Events
+ Ad: Beer Garden
(page 29)
Calendar of Events
(page 30)
Ad: Parkway Theatre, Al Parkers' Wanted
(page 31)
Calendar of Events
(page 32)
Calendar of Events +
Ad for Hardware/ Rush poppers
(page 33)
Calendar of Events +
Ad: The Phoenix
(page 34)
Ad: Best wishes for Milwaukee Wreck Room Classic softball tournament, from The Finale Lounge
(page 35)
Calendar of Events
(page 36)
Bulletin Board +
Ad: Travis & Company
(page 37)
Bulletin Board
(page 38)
Ad: Paradise Books
(page 39)
Bulletin Board
(page 40)
Bulletin Board +
Ad: Club Baths Milwaukee
(page 41)
Directory: Bars and Organizations
(page 42)
Ad: Douglas Dunes, Saugatuck, Michigan
(page 43)
Directory: Bars and Organizations
(page 44)
Bar map, Milwaukee
(page 45)
Directory: Bars and Organizations
(page 46)
Ad: The BallGame
(page 47)
Ad: M&M Plus The Garden
(page 48)


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