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Moulin Rouge
Location: 814 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee WI


approx. April 1979
approx. May 1979

Restaurant & Bar



Moulin Rouge was another attempt to bring an LGBT restaurant into this space. But it was apparently extremely short-lived.

We have located mention of Moulin Rouge in only a single issue of the 'Milwaukee Calendar' bar rag, that for May 1979 (which, if sent to print late the previous month, had presumably already opened in April). We have not located any other advertisements or mentions of the business.

The Moulin Rouge was one of several restaurants/bars to operate in this same building in the 1970s to 1990s:

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Only known advertisement, wrapping from one page to another
(Milw. Calendar v.2-33, May 1979)
Listing in Business Map
(Milw. Calendar v.2-33, May 1979)

The building as it existed in 2004
(Photo by Don Schwamb, May 2004)

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