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Visions Video Night Club
Location: 814 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee WI


November 23, 1991
December 1991

Male/ female
Bar/ social



Visions Video Night Club was one of Milwaukee's shortest-lived LGBT bars. It was originally advertised in August 1991, but after several delays, didn't open until November 23, 1991.

Even then, a flyer handed out at the bar opening weekend said "We're not totally finished with the new Visions Video Night Club... and we invite you to stop by in the coming weeks and see the changes as we add the final details." The article in 'In Step' magazine's December 5-18, 1991 issue added "Perhaps, by the time you read this, the lighting will be hooked up and the heat will be on."

But that is the last issue in which the bar is mentioned, or listed in the Bar Guide. So presumably the bar closed after just a week or two.

One has to wonder whether that location had a jinx on it. It had previously held other LGBT businesses; the first few lasted several years, but the previous LGBT business here was also short-lived. They include:

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Center spread advertisement
(In Step vol. 8-15, August 1991)
Photo: Bar owner and staff
(In Step vol. 8-15, August 1991)
Advertisement: opening delayed from Aug. 1 to Aug. 8
(In Step vol. 8-15, August 1991)
Article: "should finally be open soon"
(In Step vol. 8-21, October 1991)
Article: "finally opened" referring to weekend of Nov. 23
(In Step vol. 8-24, Dec. 1991)
Advertisement: center spread "It's a new Attitude"
(In Step vol. 8-24, Dec. 1991)

The building as it existed in 2004
(Photo by Don Schwamb, May 2004)

Staff of the bar prior to opening
(In Step vol. 8-15, August 1991)

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