Businesses in the History of the LGBT Community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bars and Clubs in the Milwaukee area

Milwaukee has been fortunate to have a diverse collection of Gay and Lesbian bars in the city both before and since Stonewall. The Maps of LGBT Bars and Clubs in Milwaukee were first compiled for the exhibit titled "Stonewall 40" at PrideFest 2009 to document the bars known to have existed in the city since the mid 1960s. Using data collected for this website, Don Schwamb compiled the information on bar names, addresses, and dates in business, and Tom Brittnacher of the American Geographic Society Library at UWM then created maps showing those locations for each decade.

Each decade (the 1960s, 1970s, etc.) is represented by a separate map, and each map shows the location of every bar known to have existed during that decade (by bar number). Some bars are shown on several maps (for example, This Is It bar opened in 1968 and appears on all 5 maps), while other bars appear in only one decade map.

Look for your favorite bars on the maps and lists, and relive “the good times”.

All bars represented on the lists and maps are on the following list: List of Milw Bars on Decade Maps

(Shown below is just a segment of each decade's map, showing the major concentration of bars during that decade. Click on any of the maps to see a larger size view of that map. On any map, individual bars are indicated by triangle markers with identifying numbers. You can reference the key numbers on the bar lists for each decade.)

Map of Milw Bars, 1960s

List of Milw Bars, 1960s

Map of Milw Bars, 1970s

List of Milw Bars, 1970s

Map of Milw Bars, 1980s

List of Milw Bars, 1980s

Map of Milw Bars, 1990s

List of Milw Bars, 1990s

Map of Milw Bars, 2000s

List of Milw Bars, 2000s

Credits: concept and format by Don Schwamb.
Maps courtesy of American Geographic Society Library at UWM.
Last updated: July-2009.