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Bob Schmidt


April 22, 1939
Primary Involvements:

Business Operator (bar/ restaurant)
Community activist





Bob Schmidt has been active in the community both in various organizations (such as CCBA and BAM), but most visibly as a business owner.

Bob Schmidt opened one of the longest running bars in Milwaukee, the M & M Club, in 1976 (with two partners). He bought out the partners within 3 years, and went on to own and operate the business for almost 25 years: first as a bar, soon adding food service (Friday fish fries were especially popular), and then adding on to the historical building and opening a full service restaurant, sometimes called The Glass Menagerie Restaurant.

One of the most community-minded bar owners, Bob converted the second floor of the M&M Club bar into a meeting space, inviting many community organizations to hold meetings and group dinners in the space. He was always one of the first to give support to community events and fundraisers, such as hosting an SSBL/ Saturday Softball team, promoting Possum Queen and AIDS fundraisers, and hosting free flu vaccination shots each fall administered by the Gay and Lesbian Nurses Association.

Bob sold the business to one of his long-time bartenders in 2001, but continued to own the building until 2006, when the building was sold, and Bob's passion, the M&M Club, closed for the last time.

As of 2022, Bob is enjoying retirement, living in Palm Springs, California. He continues to return to Milwaukee often, most notably for irregular "M&M Club Reunion" events held in the old bar.


      Bob Schmidt in the M&M Club he founded
      (copyright Michail Takach, used by permission)


Celebrity roast of Bob by the BESTD Clinic
(In Step, volume 1 no. 11)

proud owner Bob Schmitt at
M&M Club 10th anniversary party
(In Step vol. 3 no. 17- August. 1986)

"A Crock of Schmidt" photo board
(circa 1995-2000)

Bob Schmidt, May 2006
at last Show at the M&M Club

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