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approx. 1990
approx. 2006

Free Flu Vaccinations for the LGBT community
in Milwaukee


Flu Vaccination shots began to be offered annually to members of the LGBT community in approximately 1990, by the Gay and Lesbian Nurses Association, usually in cooperation with the BESTD Clinic and the Milwaukee Health Department, with local LGBT media providing free advertising. The effort was begun to target the especially at-risk population of the gay and lesbian community after the AIDS outbreak. The cryptospridium contamination tragedy of early 1993 was also a wake-up call to better watch the overall health of the community.

Vaccinations are typically offered free of charge (donation requested) over several evenings in October of each year. For many people this is the easiest and last expensive way to get a flu shot, as this is often prior to when most employers, clinics, and pharmacies would have the vaccine widely available. Even in years of shortage of the vaccine, the Nurses Association has typically been able to acquire adequate supplies for this event.

For its first 16 years the vaccinations were given in the upstairs at the M&M Club, thanks to M&M Club owner Bob Schmidt's generosity. When the M&M Club closed early in 2006, the Nurses Association began the search for a new location for its 17th year.

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