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Michael Lisowski


Primary Involvements:

Cable program Producer and Host





Michael Lisowski is an LGBT activist best known for producing and hosting "The Queer Program", a cable access program in Milwaukee which held live news, interview and call-in programs for the LGBTQ community for 25 years, from 1992 to 2017. He is believed to be the longest serving producer of a cable series with MATA (Milwaukee Access Telecommunications Authority).

Lisowski was also a very active member of Milwaukee's LGBT community, from the Gay People's Union, to BWMT/ Black & White Men Together, and other organizations.


Photo with Queer Program co-host Dan Fons, 1995
(courtesy Dan Fons)

Lisowski in a library
(Wis. Light vol. 9-20, Sept. 1996)

Cover: The Queer program Turns 20
(Quest vol. 20-03, March 2013)

Lisowski receives the Shepherd Express
LGBT Progress Award
(photo by Paul Masterson)
(Quest vol. 23-01, Jan. 2016)

25 Years and a Final Program
(Quest vol. 24-09, Nov. 2017)

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