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Delbert E. Pascavis


January 7, 1931
July 27, 1985
Primary Involvements:

Community activist





Delbert E. Pascavis was Milwaukee's representative to national "Black And White Men Together", a past Milwaukee chapter secretary, and editor of BWMT's newsletter. In 1984 the Milwaukee Chapter of BWMT gave Pascavis its Hospitality and Friendship award for representing the true spirit of BWMT.

Late in July 1985, Pascavis was found murdered in his apartment by his landlady, with a telephone cord and torn bed sheet around his neck. A 17-year old boy was arrested, and charged with first degree murder, robbery, attempting to operate a vehicle without the owner's consent (attempting to steal the victim's car), and theft.

Over 300 people jammed St. Elizabeths Church for Pascavis' funeral. Pascavis was laid to rest in Wood National Cemetery in Milwaukee.


(In Step, volume 2 no. 16)

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