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"20 Giving 20" was part of the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin's commemoration of its 20th anniversary combating the AIDS epidemic. View all 20 of those honored on the ARCW "20 giving 20" page.

James Lacey, M.D.

"I never planned on becoming an HIV specialist. But there was a tremendous need for treatment of AIDS patients in the beginning and there were very few physicians who were doing it."

A hematologist and internal medicine physician, James Lacey, M.D., was providing care for people with hemophilia in Green Bay at the onset of the AIDS epidemic. His first AIDS patient was a gay male in his late twenties.

"He was very sick. At that time we were truly grasping for any information we could find to guide us in treatment. The helplessness of the situation was so frustrating."

Lacey made a career commitment to HIV care and treatment. Because of the enormous difficulties that people living with HIV and AIDS encounter, he sustained a deep commitment to his patients, supporting them in every way possible.

"With AIDS, support systems are as important as the physician. Other people make up so much of the care that patients need."

Lacey is thankful for the scientific progress that has made HIV treatment more successful. He acknowledges that adherence to drug regimens is difficult for many patients and he is realistic about the future.

"This disease is going to be difficult for a long time to come."

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