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20 giving 20


April 9, 2005

Commemoration of 20 Years battling AIDS

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"20 giving 20" was one of the ways the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin commemorated its first 20 years in the battle against AIDS in Wisconsin. They selected 20 individuals or organizations who were key contributors to the cause throughout those first 20 years, and honored them at the annual Make A Promise dinner and extravaganza. The 19th annual Make A Promise Dinner, Dance & Silent Auction was held on April 9th, 2005 at the Calatrava-designed addition of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Guests enjoyed Milwaukee's best silent auction, delicious food, fireworks and dancing.

Raymond Bachhuber

Brian Buggy

Tim Carpenter
State Senator

Barbara Ericson
Mike Fitzpatrick
Ian Gilson

Al Graewin
Father Mike Hammer
Janice Hand
Peter Havens

Doug Johnson

James Lacey

Nile Sandeen &
Dawn Wolff
James Vergeront

David Wiggins
BESTD Clinic
City of Milwaukee
Medical College
of Wisconsin

Miller Brewing

STD Specialties

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