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Corey Grubb


Primary Involvements:

Bar/ Restaurant Owner/ Operator





Corey Grubb.

In 1983, Corey's friend George Prentice opened Auctioneer's Inn II in Elm Grove, which had previously been known as the old Left Guard Restaurant. Corey was one of his employees there- but that was to be a short-lived business: George had something else in mind. In April 1984, George and Cory opened a new gay dance bar, LaCage Aux Folles, which was to consume much of their attention for the next 20 years.

As co-owner of the La Cage nightclub, Corey was the inspiration for many of its innovations and remodelings. One of those businesses in that complex was named for him: "Grubb's Pub" which was for some time located in the lower level of the La Cage building.

On November 1, 2005, after nearly 20 years, George and Corey sold the bar and retired to sunny Florida. New owners Michael and Kris took over the reins and re-adopted the old "La Cage" name.


Grubb's Pub opening; Corey and chef
Wisconsin Light vol 3 #23

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