History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Businesses - Restaurants

Auctioneers Inn II /
QuickSilver Nightclub
Location: Elm Grove, WI






Auctioneer's Inn II was owned by George Prentice (who the following year opened the wildly successful LaCage gay dance bar). The Inn had previously been known as the old Left Guard Restaurant.

Both Auctioneer's Inn II (and its connected QuickSilver Nightclub), and the original Auctioneer's Inn in Kansasville, WI, were gay owned and operated. Auctioneer's Inn II was run by the son of Colonel Hope (who owned the original Auctioneer's Inn). That son, Jeff Waldecker, was also gay. Corey Grubb (later George Prentice's partner at LaCage) also worked there, as did Rick Stabler; Jeff's lover; and a few other well known gay citizens, who shall remain unnamed here).

Auctioneer's Inn II featured a brass bank building entrance, which originated from the Colonel's auctioneering; she had obtained it after a bank building's demolition. The brass entrance was then installed in between the Auctioneer's Inn 2 restaurant and it's nightclub, QuickSilver Nightclub, in Elm Grove in 1983.

Auctioneer's Inn II only remained in business for about 6 months. The brass entrance was then installed at the corner entrance of 2nd and National, where George Prentice had obtained the building that was to house his LaCage gay bar; the brass entrance remained there for many years. The remainder of the Inn-2's contents are said to have mysteriously disappeared- but it was the penny-top bar from both Auctioneer's Inn restaurants that inspired the penny top bar that was created in the LaCage.

This second Auctioneer's Inn was demolished in the late 1980s, and a medical complex now stands in its place (148th and Bluemound Rd.) Its only remains, its street sign, is now the refabricated sign for Organ Piper Pizza on Hwy 100 in Hales Corners.

(Restaurant manager Jeff Waldecker was later arrested and convicted for the arson of The Telephone House, a business at 2nd and National in Milwaukee that burned in September 1986.)

(Webmaster's note: to my knowledge, neither of the Auctioneer's Inns ever advertised in gay or lesbian media or otherwise attempted to attract gay or lesbians in any organized fashion. So while it may have been gay owned and gay friendly, it was not strictly a "gay business" in the definition of this website.)


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