History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - Milwaukee Calendar Magazine

Milwaukee Calendar Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 3, Number 18 -- August 29, 1980
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Advertisement for Shadows
(page 2)
Cover subject: Ron Thate
zoom in on photo: Ron Thate and Steve Arneson
(page 3)
(page 4)
Advertisement for Trash
(page 5)
Article on Instincts
(page 14)
Advertisement for Sundays
(page 15)
SSBL Season Ending standings
zoom in on photo: Wreck Room team photo
(page 18)
Advertisement for Your Place
(page 19)
Casper & Latters
zoom in on photo: Casper
(page 20)
Advertisement for Lost & Found
(page 21)
Wreck Room Anniversary Photos
(Zoom in on individual photos:)
Si Smits, owner of Boot Camp
Bob Schmitt, owner of M&M
Ron Geiman
Rodney Scheel & Wayne Bernhagen, owners of
(respectively) Rod's and Wreck Room

Debbie Vance

(pages 24+25)
M&M holds a benefit show for HIT, Holiday Invitational Tournament (bowling)
(page 26)
Advertisement for M&M Garden patio
(page 27)
Performers at Shadows
zoom in on photo of Baby Jane Hudson

(page 28)
Advertisement for Poppers/ Aromas
(page 29)
HIT Picnic
+ Calendar
(page 32)
Dale Linsmeyer of Shadows
+ Parkway Theatre + Calendar
zoom in on photo of Dale Linsmeyer

(page 33)
(page 34)
Bobby Brugger of Factory
+ Calendar
zoom in on photo of Bobby Brugger

(page 35)
Advertisement for Diplomat
+ Personals
(page 40)
Advertisement for Sister Moon bookstore
+ Personals
(page 41)


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