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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 14 -- August 18-31, 1988
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Advert: Your Place 23rd anniversary party
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Group Notes: PWA Memorial bracelets sold at MAP Fest; Roundup for Al-Anon; Lambda Rights Network
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Advert: Club 94 bar, Kenosha
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Advert: Your Place bar
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Photos: Mr. and Miss Gay Racine contest at Our Place bar
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Advert: Our Place bar, Racine
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Steppin Out
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Steppin Out, continued
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Advert: Cheri's Back East
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Photos: Miss Continental USA contest at Club 219
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Photos: Triangle's Tan Lines contest
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Calendar, cont.
3rd Annual MAP Fest
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Advert: Club 219 disco
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Photos: Beer Town Badgers show at the Boot Camp
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Jock Shorts
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Jock Shorts, cont.
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Advert: Dance Dance Dance dance bar
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Calendar, cont.
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Cream City Chorus fundraising campaign
+ Advert: Douglas Dunes
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