History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 13 -- August 4-17, 1988
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PWA Home opens in Milwaukee
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Ben Shalom sues to re-enlist;
18-year old Samuel Sasher pleads guilty for killing gay lover Michael Koudelka
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Governor's HIV Advisory Council makes little progress
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HIV Council lack of progress, cont.
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Advert: Wreck Room party
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Odyssey adult Book Store in Kenosha closed by police raid
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Photos: 15th annual MAGIC Picnic, Madison
(Pages 18-19)
Group Notes: MAP Fest 88, Wisconsin AIDS Line
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Advert: Mr. Rod's Weekend, Rod's bar, Madison
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Photo: Wreck Room party for AIDS +
Advert: Arlington House
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Advert: Ballgame bar
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Steppin Out
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Advert: Club 219 bar
(Page 35)
Photos: Party at Your Place bar celebrating "Uncle Al" buying the bar
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Advert: Your Place bar
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Steppin Out continued
(Page 38)
Advert: Our Place bar, Racine
(Page 39)
Advert: Club 219: Former Miss Continental USA's show:
Chili Pepper, Chena Black, Cherrine Alexander, Maya Douglas, Dana Douglas
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Photos: Mr., Miss and Ms. Who's at bar's 6th anniversary
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The Calendar, cont.
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Daily Organizational Meetings
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Photo: Trollop Party Animals at Station 2
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Money: Ralph Navarro
(Page 49)
Photos: Fannie's patio opening party
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Advert: Cheri's Back East
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Dance Steps: music
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Jock Shorts
(Page 55)
Jock Shorts, continued
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Jock Shorts, continued
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Photos: Christmas in July at the Ballgame bar
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The Guide: bars and organizations
(Page 68)
Advert: Phone sex services
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The Guide: bars and organizations, cont.
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Advert: Phone sex services
(Page 73)
The Guide: bars and organizations, cont.
(Page 74)
Advert: Phone sex services
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The Guide: bars and organizations, cont.
(Page 76)
Advert: Phone sex services
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