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Knight Owl
Location: 173 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee WI



Bar/ social



The Knight Owl Restaurant apparently operated briefly as a gay restaurant. They advertised in the new publication GPU News starting with its first issue in October 1971. That first ad reads:

    "Whoooo likes the Knight, Owl? / Everybody who eats there!/ You mean we're loved? / Yes!.
    Open 10 PM til 3 PM Sunday- Friday / Sat. 10 PM till 5 AM / Closed Monday"

The Knight Owl held at least one event in cooperation with the Castaways South bar across the street. Both businesses advertised in November 1971 a "Food and Flick" for November 8, 1971 with Buffet Dinner and the movie "Bye, Bye, Birdie", in cooperation with the other.

In the December 1971 issue of GPU News, their ad read "Ask about our special Christmas Food & Flick" for December 19, and offered holiday greetings as: "Tom & Ron wish you a Merry Christmas / A Happy New Year". This is our best clue as to who may have owned and operated the business.

After having half-page ads in the October, November, and December 1971 issues of GPU News, their last ad was in the January 1972 issue. We know nothing of its demise.

The building was listed as "city owned" when the restaurant portion of the Seaway Inn moved into this space in July 1972. It's unclear what the new business was named; we believe it was named simply The Seaway Restaurant. (The old Seaway Inn on Jefferson Street and surrounding businesses were slated for demolition by the city. The bar portion of the Seaway Inn relocated across the street from here, first as 'The New Seaway' but quickly renamed as Jamie's.)

More information about this business is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.


Advertisement, October 1971, GPU News

Relocation from old Seaway Inn
(GPU News, October 1971)

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