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Location: 102 Scott Street, Wausau WI


July 1986
August 16 1989

Bar/ social



R-Bar opened early July of 1986 by 'David and Dan' in the ground floor of a 3-story building in Wausau. They advertised as "Central Wisconsin's ONLY gay-owned and operated nightspot".

In January 1989 a popular bartender there, Lyle Duranceau, passed away; see tribute to him written and printed in Wisconsin Light.

The bar celebrated their third anniversary in July 1989, but weeks later, early the morning of August 16, the bar was destroyed in a fire originating in the floor above the bar. A roof collapse condemned the entire building.

The owners Dave and Dan went on to open another bar, Masquers, in December 1989.

More information about this business is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.

Ad: Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year
(InStep vol. 4-22, Dec. 1987)
Ad: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
(InStep vol. 5-23, Dec. 1988)

Ad: Daily specials
(InStep vol. 6-06, Feb. 1989)
Steppin' Out column: R-Bar has
"one of its rare shows",
"Kings & Queens for Mother's Day"
(InStep vol. 6-10, June 1989)
Ad: Mr/Miss/Ms R-Bar contest,
Miss Central Gay Wis USA Pageant,
4th of July picnic and
2nd Year Anniversary party
(InStep vol. 6-12, June 1989)

Steppin' Out column and Photos:
the bar celebrated their 3rd anniversary
(InStep vol. 6-15, July 1989)
Article: Dan & David open
their new bar Masquers
(InStep vol. 6-23, Nov. 1989)

Ad: Halloween Costume Party
(InStep vol. 4-18, October 1987)

Steppin' Out column: fire destorys bar
(InStep vol. 6-17, August 1989)

Article: Dan & David open
their new bar Masquers
(InStep vol. 6-23, Nov. 1989)

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