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Location: 200 E. Washington Street, Milwaukee WI


October 2002
July 2004

Female/ male
Bar/ social



Pulse Bar is the last bar in this location owned and run by Sharon Dixon, who had originally opened the bar in 1982 as Fannies, which for many years was a popular lesbian bar. In September 2002 'Fannies' had just had a party to celebrate its 20 Year Anniversary, but had been struggling after numerous scandals and several confusing years of name changes. In October 2002, Fannies was remodeled and reopened as 'Pulse'.

As Pulse, the bar had a brief reign as the home of western dancing, for the Shoreline dance group as well as informal Friday western dance sessions.

The cover of the February 2003 issue of OutBound magazine featured Pulse, with the following article inside on page 2 (page 4 in PDF numbering):

    Milwaukee's latest, newest club, Pulse, has made a major transformation from a women's bar to a all-around gay bar where everyone is welcome. Leather, drag, country-western, sports or dance, there is something for everyone at Pulse. Renovations to the club have lent a favorable atmosphere to a variety of new activities. Including classic rock nights, karaoke, latin salsa, roaring 20's gangsta parties and more. The latest addition is their hot new pulsating all-male revue on Sunday nights. There is nothing else like it in Milwaukee. These performers are hot and eager to please.

    Another hot feature is their sci-fi party that encourages patrons to come as their favorite sci-fi character. This is guaranteed to to be a fun time. Check out their ad in this issue. Also, their latest addition to the staff, Jake, with his wide variety of hot, sexy outfits will keep you coming back for more.

    We, at Outbound, want to congratulate Pulse for their efforts in bringing the gay communty of Milwaukeee something new and refreshing.

The bar was fairly short-lived. The full page color ads had ceased some months ago, and its last listing in bar guides was the July 2004 issue of OutBound magazine (vol.3-07), with codes M,W,St,Cr,D,P,S (Men, Women, Strippers, Cruising, Dancing, Patio, Shows). The building was taken over as short-lived straight rap bar.

Advertisement: December specials
(OutBound vol.1-05, Dec. 2002)
Mention in 'Cruisin Carl' column
(OutBound vol.1-05, Dec. 2002)
Photos: Shannon Du Pree benefit show
(OutBound vol.1-05, Dec. 2002)
Advertisement: Sci-Fi Party,
Valentines Day dancers with hearts on
(OutBound vol.2-02, Feb. 2003)
Photos: Shoreline dancers;
stripper 'Sugar Shane'
(OutBound vol.2-05, May 2003)
Advertisement: Patio opening; Tikki Hut Bar
(OutBound vol.2-05, May 2003)

Advertisement: "Summer is here and Pulse is HOT"
(OutBound vol.2-07, July 2003)
Photo: Willy shows his abs
(OutBound vol.2-07, July 2003)

Advertisement: Guest DJ 'Electric';
Drag queen & bartender wrestling;
Country line dancing
(OutBound vol.2-11, Nov. 2003)
Photos: Bartenders and
Shoreline country line dancers
(OutBound vol.2-11, Nov. 2003)
Photos: Beer drinkers and
Shoreline country line dancers
(OutBound vol.2-12, Dec. 2003)

Pulse bar building in 2004

Former 'Fannies' bar
Reopened as 'Pulse'
(Quest v9-12, October 2002)

Cover: Outbound Magazine
(Vol. 2 no. 2- Feb. 2003)

Article in Outbound Magazine
(Vol. 2 no. 2- Feb. 2003)

Pulse bar, May 2004

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