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MacArthur Park Disco Lounge
Location: 2023 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee WI


June 1979
late 1979, early 1980?

Male/ Female
Dance Club / Disco



MacArthur Park Disco Lounge likely opened sometime in June 1979, holding its Grand Opening on Tuesday July 10, 1979. This same location had previously been known to Milwaukee's gay community as Red Corvette, which operated from about 1976 to early 1979.

The name of the business was likely inspired by the popular 1978 disco song recorded by Donna Summer.

According to a mention in the 'Milwaukee Calendar' "What's Happening?" column, MacArthur Park Disco Lounge had a "nice" Grand Opening. It goes on to say "It's a large and nicely decorated place, plenty of room for dancing and conversation, and the bartenders are friendly. It's worth a stop in just to see the place."

The same issue of the 'Milwaukee Calendar' had an advertisement stretching across two full pages (see below). The ad advertised Friday Shrimp & Fish Dinners, and lists Luncheon hours Monday thru Friday- along with apologizing for street construction.

The business also had a large ad in the program for the Gay softball 'World Series III', which was held in Milwaukee the weekend of August 28 to September 3, 1979).

But after this initial splash, the business disappears. We have no idea when and why it closed, but by the time of the next issue we have of the 'Milwaukee Calendar' in April of 1980, it is not listed. (Or perhaps it no longer wanted to advertise in gay media.)

More information about this business is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.

Mention of opening
(Milw Calendar v2-38, July 1979)
Ad: (full page)
(Milw Calendar v2-38, July 1979)

(softball World Series III program,
August 1979)

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