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Club 94
Location: Highway C at east frontage road of Interstate I-94
aka 9001 120th Street, Kenosha, WI


July 1985

Male/ female
Bar/ social



Opened by the man who had previously owned and run The Shack, Club 94 became THE dance bar for the residents of Racine and Kenosha Counties, and northeastern Illinois. Although many considered it more the Friday night stop, and made the trek either to Milwaukee or Chicago on Saturday nights, nonetheless Club 94 was a popular spot both nights as well as some weekend nights, with parking often at a premium on weekends. More than a few Milwaukee residents made the trip south on I-94 on a somewhat regular basis for special events, shows, and contests.

The Club 94 consisted of two rooms: the left (north) side was the original bar building, which had existed for some time. To the right (south) was an addition which housed two additional bar counters, and a dance floor. The dance floor had a stage to the rear (east) used for shows.

In mid-2001, Club 94 relocated north a few miles to an area that had recently attracted attention with 2 gay bars, 'Capers/ Illusions' and 'Clubhouse Filling Station', taking over the building of one of those bars ("Capers/ Illusions") and renaming themselves "Club 94 North".

(We have been unable to locate any advertisements or even passing mentions of the reasons for the move in Wisconsin LGBT media of the time, so we are unable to affix a more exact date or explanation for the move. However, we know that the I-94 corridor which passed within feet of the 'Club 94' building was planned, and the building was eventually demolished as part of those plans to allow for widening of the I-94 corridor. The intersection is now unrecognizable from when the Club 94 building stood there.)

    Interior of main/ front bar
    (photo by Jamie Taylor)
    Inside the south side/ dance bar area
    (photo by Jamie Taylor)

    Photo: Club 94 Follies Girls: Samantha DeCarlo, Aneeda Little, Starr E. Nite, Sandy Beach.
    (photo by Jamie Taylor)
    Jamie Taylor inside the bar
    (photo by Jamie Taylor)

Shack Closing, Club 94 opening- July 1985
(Calendar- In Step volume 2 issue 14)

Mr. & Miss Club 94-
September 1988

Advertisement, April 1992

Advertisement, June 1992

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