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William (Bill) Wood


May 19, 1992
Primary Involvements:

Oberons Levi-Leather Club
Drag performer





Bill was the Assistant Pathfinder (Vice President) of the Oberons Levi-Leather Club, and an associate member of Panther L/L of Atlanta; Knights of Leather and the Blackguard of Minneapolis; Alliance of Memphis; and the Firekeepers of Indiana.

Early in his life, Bill was an entertainer, being crowned Miss Gay Atlanta in the early years of that pageant, and entertained crowds in Atlanta, St. Louis, and Minneapolis as either Victoria, or his campy alter ego, Gypsy. Thus Bill was the unoffical 'club seamstress' for the Oberon's annual run show.

Bill passed away on May 19, 1992 of complications due to AIDS.


In Memoriam, June 1992 In Step

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