History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Wisconsin - People - Bios

Kristen Whitson



Primary Involvements:

LGBTQ Archives
Advisory Panel, Wis. LGBTQ History Project

Primary Location:

Mauston, WI



Kristen (she/her) has a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and she has worked in digital preservation, community and indigenous archives, and LGBTQ+ archives, including the Madison LGBTQ+ Archive and the LGBTQ+ Religious Archives Network.

Kristen is the co-author (with Jenny Kalvaitis) of the book "We Will Always Be Here: A Guide for Exploring and Understanding LGBTQ+ Activism in Wisconsin". In her day job, she works with Recollection Wisconsin to provide local history organizations access to digital projects advice, centralized hosting and access options, and community of practice support.

Away from the computer screen, Kristen and her wife are both lifelong Wisconsinites and have a small homestead in rural Mauston, Wisconsin. They enjoy food from start to finish: gardening, chicken- and bee-keeping, harvesting, preparing, preserving, cooking, baking, and of course: eating!

Kristen joined the Advisory Panel of the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project in November 2023.


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