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aka Dennis LeRoy Bunch


April, 2020
Primary Involvements:






Dennis LeRoy Bunch was active in various aspects of the community. We have thus far located articles mentioning his work to help with a phone fundraising drive for the PrideFest group, and he is listed as a member of the 'Prowd Crowd 1991', those financially supporting PrideFest.

Dennis began using the name 'Queerscout' sometime prior to 1991, but appears to have initially used that name only occasionally and informally. In April 1996 he filed papers in Milwaukee County Circuit Court to have his name legally changed to simply "Queerscout".

Queerscout appears as 'APA President' (American Pride Associates) in a Wisconsin Light article in January 1998 as leading an effort to assemble a library for the planned Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.

QueerScout was also a long time friend of BWMT Milwaukee. Whether or not he ever formally "joined" BWMT Milwaukee, he attended many of their functions and activities. He had been a thought generator and inspiration for many.

Queerscout (nee Dennis Bunch) passed away in late in April, 2020 from chronic medical problems.

Any additional information about this person is welcome.

1991 Prowd Crowd Seassons Greetings ad
Dennis Bunch included
(Wis Light vol 3-25, December 1990)
Pride Committee phone fundraising
Dennis Bunch mentioned
(Wis Light vol 4-04, February 1991)
Public Notice of name change
(Wis Light vol 9-10, May 1996)
Name change document
(Circuit Court)
'APA President Queerscout'
Community Center book drive
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Business card, circa 1991

Photo taken at BWMT/MKE
Holiday Party, 12/29/2014

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