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J.J. Newman


Primary Involvements:

Mr. Gay Wisconsin, 1990





J.J. Newman was elected Mr. Gay WIsconsin at the Pageant in Milwaukee in November, 1989, serving until the crown was transferred in November, 1990.

A former Marine sergeant, J.J. was described in contemporary articles as seemingly shy person, with a sunny smile, and a charming, reticent quality about him- especially when it comes to talking about himself. He was a wonderfully multi-talented artist, proficient with the alto sax, the flute, the clarinet as well as the piano. He was a professional dancer, had broadcast and theatrical experience, a church organist and a sales rep for a publisher.

J.J. shared a love of leather and a deep affection for and pride in the leather brotherhood with his sweetheart, Bill Wood, who was a member of the Oberson. J.J. was first runner up in competition as Mr. Boot Camp, and represented the bar at the Mr. International Leather Contest in Chicago on May 28, 1989.


First Runner Up as Mr. Boot Camp, 1989
(Wis Light vol 2 issue 10)

Two Wisconsin Sweethearts
(Wis Light vol 3 issue 3)

AIDS fundraiser, Jet's Place, December 1990;
with Jet (on left) and
Karen Lamb (center)

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