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David L. Neitzel


February 22, 1989
Primary Involvements:

Gay Youth





David Neitzel was a member of the Gay Youth. He had come out only about 4 years before, dealing with his sexual orientation, contacting the Gay Youth center, talking on the phone to counselor Michael Lisowski a few times before attending his first meeting. His was an all-too frequent scenario: when his family found out, there was anger, hurt, guilt, and the customary "get-ye-to-a-shrink".

But throughtout, David was a top student, a worker at his church and the YMCA. We wanted to be a beautician, and his teachers said he had the potential tpo suceed on the international level. He received two offers from top beauty salons, one in Boston and the other in New York, but died before being able to attend either.


Obituary, March 1989
(Wis Light vol 2 issue 6)

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