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Cass Marie



Primary Involvements:

Advisory Panel, Wis. LGBTQ History Project

Primary Location:

Madison, WI



Cass Marie Downing-Mueller (known to everyone as 'Cass Marie') was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, and has been a part of the drag entertainment industry and LGBTQ+ community for over thirty years.

"Being someone who is both transgender and HIV positive, I'm an advocate for others, whether it be adults or youth," said Cass Marie. "Being someone who comes from addiction, I'm very blessed to say I've been able to live a healthier lifestyle-- with mind and mood altering substances-- for over 20 years." "I think it's very important we learn about our history and remember our predecessors-- to understand and never forget who was behind the fight that allowed myself, and so many others, to be able to live authentic lives today."

Cass Marie joined the Advisory Panel of the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project in November 2023.


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