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Andrew (Drew) Kovaleski


January 2014
Primary Involvements:

Drag performer




Andrew (Drew) Kovaleski, also known as drag performer "Miss Bambi", passed away in January of 2014. Drew was known in the gay bar community both as a popular bartender at such bars as the Ball Game and Fluid, and as drag performer 'Bambi'.

Drew is remembered by Michael Johnston in his "Cordially Yours" column of Quest magazine vol. 21-02 in February 2014 as follows:

    It's always hard to end a column, especially when you have to end, with an end... It saddens me greatly to share the news that Andrew (Drew) Kovaleski AKA "Bambi" has died at only 43. You all remember Drew as the very popular and friendly Bartender from The Ball Game and then Fluid. I can't tell you how many Shows we did together, he was always participating in Fund Raisers and helping out for the greater good. Drew is survived by his life partner of over six years Wes Le Mieux AKA Goldie Adams. Please keep good thoughts and vibes going their way. Take a bow, Miss Bambi and rest in peace, good show!


Remembrance in "Cordially Yours" column
(Quest, vol. 21-02, Feb. 2014)

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