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James W. Kallas (aka 'Tiny')


murdered May, 1979
Primary Involvements:

Factory bar


  circa 1979

James Kallas, known to everyone as 'Tiny', was a popular and well-known bouncer at The Factory Bar.

'Tiny' reportedly left the bar late the night of April 28, 1979 with two men. After being missing for several days, on May 8, 1979, his body was found stuffed in a sewer. Kallas was known to carry large sums of money and wore expensive jewelry.

Two men were eventually arrested, and one, Robert Fuchs (then 19), was charged and pled guilty of homicide by reckless conduct.

Just 19 months later, another bounder/ doorman at the Factory, Dennis Wesela, was shot and killed at the Factory bar by an irate patron following a dispute over $9.

The killing of Kallas and then Wesela were two of several closely spaced attacks on gay people, and together these attacks sparked unity and anti-violence campaigns by the gay community and forced increased awareness by civic leaders and the police.

Seeking info about death of bouncer 'Tiny'
after leaving The Factory late Friday April 20
(Milw. Calendar issue 2-33, May 1979)
Obituary, bouncer James W. Kallas ('Tiny')
after leaving The Factory late Friday April 20
(GPU News, June 1979)
Article: Charges dismissed against one suspect
for death of James W. Kallas ('Tiny');
main suspect still being sought
(GPU News, July 1979)
Article: Suspect 'Robert Fuchs' arrested
for death of James W. Kallas ('Tiny')
(GPU News, August 1979)
Article: 'Robert Fuchs' convicted
for death of James W. Kallas ('Tiny')
(GPU News, May 1980)

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