History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Wisconsin - People - Bios

Stephanie Hume



Primary Involvements:

Organizational Leadership
Police liaison Advocate
Advisory Panel, Wis. LGBTQ History Project

Primary Location:

Milwaukee, WI



Stephanie Hume is a name well known to many Milwaukeans for her work in activism in countless organizations and causes. Over the past three decades, Stephanie Hume has served as a Board Member of the Lesbian Alliance of Metro Milwaukee, Human Rights League, and as a Founding Board Member of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.

Hume feels some of her greatest contributions to LGBTQ progress were her decades of service (1992-2015) as a liaison to the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD). Her expertise and advocacy extends locally and nationally working with the U.S. Justice Department to create the Milwaukee Commission on Police Community Relations in 2005. Her service continues today.

Stephanie joined the Advisory Panel of the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project in November 2023.


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