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Annabelle Havlicek


September 10, 1954
Primary Involvements:

Community Activist
Business Owner





Annabelle Havlicek is a graphic artist and photo editor, and owned Havlicek & Associates. As owner of that business as well as a community activist, Annabelle:

  • Represented Miriam Ben Shalom;
  • Was public relations counsel for the PrideFest Committee in 1989 during a major controversy;
  • Produced 9 Pride Guides for the annual PrideFest;
  • Was the in-house ad design service for InStep for 5 years;
  • Had numerous clients in the gay & lesbian community including: BESTD Clinic, Cream City Foundation, MLGPC (PrideFest predecessor), Fest City Singers, HIT, SSBL, Pageant Productions and various others;
  • Donated time and talent to the Lavender Hill party on an annual basis;
  • When Ron Geiman got sick, operated InStep until they found a buyer (Bill Attewell);
  • Owned the Wisconsin Continental pageant for 3 years;
  • On the committee that brought the AIDS Memorial Quilt to Milwaukee and held a quilt panel design workshop.


Annabelle circa 2007

Annabelle Havlicek and Tom Rezza
Annabelle Havlicek and Tom Rezza, June 1990 Pride poster
(In Step, volume 7 no. 11)

with Miriam BenShalom, 1990

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