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James Faulkenberg


approx. 1951
Primary Involvements:






James Faulkenberg was an artist, and contributed at least 2 pieces as cover art for In Step magazine.

Jim obtained his inspirations from such diverse sources as the French Symbolists, British Pre-Raphalites, turn-of-the-century children's book illustrators, medieval tapestries, Art Deco, 1930's cartoon animation, and New Wave music videos. He enjoyed working in different styles to avoid being pigeon-holed. He held a firm commitment to the human figure in his art. He had a showing of his hand-painted shirts at The Unicorn bar in 1984, one art work of which was shown as an In Step cover.


Artist of Cover art, May 1984
(In Step vol 1 issue 7)

Cover artist bio, May 1984
(In Step vol 1 issue 7)

Artist of Cover art, May 1984
(In Step vol 1 issue 9)

Cover artist bio, March 1984
(In Step vol 1 issue 9)

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