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Ricardo (Ric) Correa


June 15, 1963
November 26, 2004
Primary Involvements:

Artist, Waiter

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Ricardo (Ric) Correa worked as a waiter most of his adult life, but was a gifted artist, avid reader, and a very creative home interior designer. He was also a business owner (part owner of Grand Avenue Pub in 1980's), and a loving partner for fifteen years (Peter J. Konrath-partner).

Ric grew up in the Milwaukee/Menominee Falls area of Wisconsin. At the age of seventeen, a few weeks before graduating from high school, Ric left home because his family found out that he was gay. Despite this early set-back in his life, he went on to reconcile with his family and was very close to them upon his death in 2004.

Upon Ric's death, his partner Peter organized a fundraiser called "Ric Fest". , and set up a charitable organization to administer scholarships. Ric Fest has become an annual fall event designed to raise money for the State of WI and National (Drag Queen Caucus) LGBT scholarship. A Finale party/event is always held on the last Saturday before Thanksgiving break. The Ricardo Correa Scholarship Foundation has been set up as a nonprofit, tax-exempt [501 (c) (3)] foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to raise money and give out scholarships to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender high school students.

The Mission Statement of the Ricardo Correa Scholarship Foundation is as follows:

    This scholarship was set up to give a future gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender public high school senior a chance to become a future leader in the gay community! There are two separate scholarships that will be given out each year. The $1,000 Wisconsin State Scholarship will be awarded in the spring. Candidates who apply for the state scholarship will automatically be enrolled in the National Scholarship. The $2,000 National Scholarship will be awarded at the NEA-RA around the 4th of July! The top twenty candidates will be picked by a committee made up of foundation board members in May. At the NEA Convention in July, a committee of NEA members (see selection committee in By-laws) will pick the winner(s).

Card from Memorial Service

Scholarship Foundation, April 2009


Ric Correa at the Grand Avenue Pub (far left in photo)
from In Step, vol. 3 no. 18

Award ribbon from Drag Queen Caucus

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