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David L. Callentine, Reverend


Primary Involvements:

Pastor, New Hope Metropolitan Community Church in Milwaukee





Reverend David Luther Callentine was the Pastor of New Hope Metropolitan Community Church of Milwaukee when he died at the age of 38. He passed away on Saturday, April 30, 1988 at Milwaukee's Columbia Hospital of complications due to AIDS.

According to a statement by the MCC at the time of his death:

    "David's vision and commitment lead to the formation of a congregation that attempts to minister to all people, but has a special ministry to the Gay and Lesbian community of Milwaukee. David believed and taught that God's love included Gay and Lesbian people. David's God celebrated committed, loving, emotional and sexual unions between same-sex couples. This same God has called us all-- rich and poor, young and old, white and black, straight and Gay-- to serve others who are hurting, and in the name of Jesus, help raise people beyond crippling labels to their status of children of God."

David was a regular columnist for Wisconsin Light newspaper, having written articles on religion for the paper since its founding. David left behind his spouse, Victor Reichmann, family and many friends.


Wisconsin Light article at his death

Poem published at his death

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